Centre Wicket is dedicated to protecting the safety and security of our registered users (Registrants). We do not pass on/sell/swap your personal details with anyone. Please read this privacy policy carefully before submitting personal information. Registrants must agree to their personal information being used by Centre Wicket in accordance with this privacy policy before registering.

What personal information do we collect?

Individual Registrants or those not registering as part of a school or club (multi user licence) must give their consent to supply Centre Wicket with their name, age, contact phone, postal and email address. Any child under the age of 13 must supply us with their parents or guardians address, email and contact phone number.

Teachers or coaches registering a school or club (multi user licence) must give their consent to provide us with their school/club’s team name, their own name and email address. The teacher or coach must consent to provide Centre Wicket at the time of registration the names of their students or cricketers.

The Centre Wicket mobile application allows a user to take or share a video file via a mobile device with one of their connected Centre Wicket account holders. Centre Wicket stores these video files and associated comments so the intended recipient can view that content.

Registrants who do not give this consent cannot use the Site.

How do we use your information?

Centre Wicket requires this information to correctly identify each registrant and manage the account. Registrants may be contacted to notify them of new products or features as well as subscription renewal reminders.

General communication

Centre Wicket allows a Registrant with a coach licence to request a connection with a player licence Registrant. The coach licence Registrant must have the player licence Registrant’s email address to search for that player and then request the connection. Upon the connection request, the player will be notified via email and within the system that a connection is pending. The connection request can be accepted or declined.

Once a connection has been sent and approved, there will be a connection which allows:

  1. Communication between player and coach
  2. The coach to view the players profile including contact information
  3. The coach to add development content, provide feedback and view player results and statistics.

This player Registrant and coach Registrant connection is important for the cricket development process. It is intended that these connections occur where an existing relationship is present as random connections offer no benefit.

Personal information accuracy

Registrants can update their personal information at any time. The personal information should be current and updated so Centre Wicket can contact and manage the account if necessary.

Personal information security

Centre Wicket is dedicated to keeping the Registrant’s details private and in a safe environment.

Revision of Privacy Policy

Centre Wicket reserves the right to change, modify, or revise this Privacy Policy for any purpose at any time. Registrants are required to periodically check the Privacy Policy for changes, modifications or revisions. Continued use of the site will be deemed to have consented to any changes.